A brand determines how your audience sees your business. How you look, how you feel, how you sound, and how you taste.
Are you delivering the right impression?

Our Branding Services

A good brand goes above and beyond just a logo. A great brand triggers a feeling, an experience for both employees, customers, and clients. Think of the McDonalds golden arches. Instantly recognizable anywhere in the world, the golden arches immediately make me crave for some french-fries (yum!) How about your business brand? How does it make your prospective client or customer feel? How about your employees? Does your brand energize and invigorate your employees to deliver their very best? Does your brand motivate your employees to be an ambassador and stewards for your brands' values? Does your brand create trust?

So what exactly is a brand? The short answer: everything.

A brand represents the sum or people's perception of a company. The biggest misconception around branding is that it's best left for the big global brand and big budgets. The truth is that it matters more to small businesses than enterprise brands. As a small business, your competition and risk are much higher. You have only a few opportunities to enchant, engage, and build a relationship with your audience. If you miss these few initial opportunities, the chances of converting them later are far more complicated.
We can help define or evolve your brand so that it correctly reflects your business vision, mission, and values. Most importantly, we create the brand guidelines for you to communicate consistently across all channels and platforms, allowing you to deliver your message clearly and succinctly with credibility and impact. Below is a summary of a few of our branding services.

Branding Services
For Small Business

  • Brand Design
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Rebranding
  • Tone of Voice and Positioning