Requirement Assessment:

When you consult a doctor, you tell him the symptoms you have been facing and rest is his job right? Similarly, when you come to us, you don’t necessarily share the background in design to exactly state what you require. This is where our consultation comes into play. We propose a draft and examine what we can possibly do to get the desired results.

We Keep You In The Loop:

We make sure every communication channel is available to you as a client, so that there is no room for miscommunication. Be it Skype, Email, or Phone, we maintain the communication channel throughout the project i.e. you can reach us through any medium at any time. We also appoint a personal manager who solely works on your project and keeps you in the loop at every stage of design development.

Work In Progress:

After all is said and done, you can consider our team rolling the snowball to grow the project to completion. At this stage, we start working on our innovative ideas after client’s approval. We work within deadline and take effective measures during the production to make sure you get your goodies at your door within time.

Round of revisions :

Revisions are the essential aspect of any design development process. Every project is different from another in terms of the rounds of revisions it take to call it a day. Web development for example usually require more rounds of revision than any other print or digital media design project.